Privacy Policy

Data privacy is taken very serious on Anime Stats. Here you'll find more information about what data is collected for what reason.
If any questions arise, don't hesitate to ask. See Contact to get into contact.
Last updated: 05th September 2020

What do you collect on this site about me?

Anime-Stats sets a standard session cookie, that is a purely functional cookie.

The server itself collects your IP in case errors occur (not necessarily visible errors on the website). But the provider Uberspace (German), a shared hoster where this website is hosted on, shorten your last IP digits ( to before saving them to the error_log, similar for IPv6. The access_log is disabled by default and is not used.

Other than that the only statistical data collected is via the free version of CloudFlare, see below. This is purely functional as well.

If you send a mail via the contact form, or direct mail, your mail address is saved to reply to your inquiries.

If you click on any YouTube icon you need to allow cookies, if you allowed cookies, YouTube will set a third party cookie. As long as you do not allow cookies you cannot use the YT-preview feature and no YT-cookie will be present.

Do you share any data with anybody?

Only aggregated data as in "last month A/S got xy unique users, most users from country ab" may be shared.

Is it possible to avoid being tracked on this site?

Since CloudFlare delivers the site to you, wherever you are on this planet, it is not possible to opt-out of the tracking features CloudFlare provides.

Aside from that there is no tracking/analytics on this site by default. Keep in mind that cookies will still be present if and only if they they serve a functional purpose and you cannot opt out of functional cookies. These cookies, except for session cookies, will not send any data back to A/S.

Non functional cookies may be provided by YouTube when you click a YouTube icon but only after you allowed cookies. See Third Party content below for more information.

What are my rights regarding my data?

Technically you have multiple rights regarding your own data:

  1. Right to disclosure / right to transfer data to you: You can request information about and the data itself
  2. Right to correct: You can request the correction of incorrect data
  3. Right to deletion: You can request the deletion of your data
  4. Right of restriction: You can limit processing of your data
  5. Right of objection: You can object to the data collection and processing
  6. Right to change your mind regarding your agreement of collecting and processing data

Practically, as stated above, A/S uses no tracking, only CloudFlare's own statistics. IPs are shortened, server logs are minimal and save shortened IPs anyway, the access_log is disabled. Even if you request information, deletion, correction, or the data itself - which is your right - it's impossible to specify what data that is as none of it can be tracked back to you.

Exception applies for mail correspondence. They are distinctive and can be dealt with as described above.

Usage of third party content?

A/S makes use of some third parties. In the following is a list of those used on this website.


This site uses CloudFlare to deliver the content to its international visitors as fast as possible. That means, the Privacy Policy of CloudFlare applies here as well. In general that means:

  1. CloudFlare uses Cookies for their service.
  2. All data you request goes either through the Cloudflare network (proxy service), or comes directly from CloudFlare.
  3. All data collect mentioned above goes through the CloudFlare network as well.
  4. CloudFlare collects user information, that includes your mail address in case you use the formular in Contact, if you want to avoid that, shoot a mail directly instead.
  5. You interact through HTTPS with CloudFlare and CloudFlare interacts through HTTPS (+HSTS) with A/S ("Full SSL").
  6. You cannot opt out of CloudFlare.

Youtube API (Google)

A/S makes use of the Google Youtube API, the API is used client side, that means on your browser. For this feature to work you need to allow cookies.

If you did not allow cookies this feature is not available and there is no interaction with YouTube.

If you allowed cookies and click on a Youtube icon anywhere on the page you directly interact with YouTube and YouTube will set a third party cookie. Videos are embedded with a "youtube-nocookie" frame but Youtube still collects data about you.

In cases like that, please see the Privacy Policy of Google to find out more about their policy and what data they collect about you.