Data privacy is taken very serious on Anime Stats. Every data that is collected on this website is collected anonymously, tracing it back to you is almost impossible. However, here you'll find some information about what data is collected for what reason. If any questions arise, don't hesitate to ask. See Contact to get into contact.

Last updated: 21st March 2018

What do you collect on this site about me?

This website uses Matomo Analytics (previously named Piwik). It is something like Google Analytics but able to run on the same server as the website it is used for. Matomo is the best choice when data privacy is of concern. Matomo collects and saves the following information but is not limited to:

  1. What: Your IP address and the time you access The IP address will be shortened so that it's impossible to identify you personally.
    For example: imagine your IP is, it'll be shortened to before it is saved.
    Why: To derive the country you came from (done from the shortened IP), that's what Matomo does, so it's (roughly) known where visitors come from.
    Matomo will give you a cookie with an ID that it is watching. This is an anonymous way of tracking you. That way you will be recognized as a revisiting user if you have such a cookie.
  2. What: Browser, incl. version, Operating System, screen resolution and plugins that you use.
    Why: These help to figure out what environment visitors use to access and what should be kept in mind to improve the site.
    Technically, it is possible to fingerprint your system with the used plugins. But since this data is only used on this project, it's negligible and not of any interest on here.
  3. What: Your referrer. That is a link where you came from unless removed or not set (Google removes the referrer per default, for example).
    Why: It helps greatly getting to know the audience and how this project is shared and discussed.
  4. What: Your engagement with this site in general, including but not limited to the anime you search in the menu, the anime you load the charts of, what archive data you load, how long you stay on this website, what genre you list, usage of the checkboxes below the charts, usage of the menu links and similar.
    Why: Basically to know how you use this site overall and what features are prioritized.
    I.e. if you just come by to take a short look at the last updates and go away within 20 seconds or if you take your time, strolling through somehow, using the site for 30minutes or more.
    This helps greatly to understand how visitors use, for how long on average and where improvements might be needed or features can be ignores.
That's pretty much it for Matomo. The server itself collects your IP as well like any other does but the provider Uberspace (German), a shared hoster where this website is hosted on, is pretty privacy sensitive as well, they shorten your last digits ( to and those logs are completely separate from Matomo. Those logs are rotated weekly and deleted when they are older than 4 weeks.

For how long is the data collected?

For now there's no definite end. Ever since this project started, the data was collected anonymously and saved as described above. Some data was tracked later, either because the feature was added later or the information wasn't important at first.
Since it is anonymous and used to compare improvements and changes, it's prefered to keep it that way. Changes like getting to know seasonal differences for example.

Do you share the data with anybody else?

Except for selected information, not identifying* specific, single users: no.
Before you ask: not even for money.
* "identify" within the boundaries of Matomo.

Is it possible to avoid being tracked on this site?

Yes, as long as it is about the data solely collected on this site and not CloudFlare. You could use a browser plugin like Ghostery. Install and click the Ghostery icon in your browser and block Matomo Analytics (if it's not blocked by default).
Alternatively you use your browser settings and let it send a so-called "Do Not Track" header. Most recent mobile and desktop browsers support this and can be found in the respective privacy options.
As said, Matomo respects your privacy and looks for that header before tracking you. If it is set, you aren't tracked at all. No cookies needed.
In case you won't use DNT or can't, you can manually opt-out here by removing the checkmark:

Opt Out of Matomo

A/S makes use of some third parties. In the following is a list of those used on this website.



This site uses CloudFlare to deliver the content to its international visitors as fast as possible. That means, the Privacy Policy of CloudFlare applies here as well. In general that means:

  1. CloudFlare uses Cookies for their service.
  2. All data you request goes either through the Cloudflare network (proxy service), or comes directly from CloudFlare.
  3. All data collect mentioned above goes through the CloudFlare network as well.
  4. CloudFlare collects user information, that includes your mail address in case you use the formular in Contact, if you want to avoid that, shoot a mail directly instead.
  5. You interact through HTTPS with CloudFlare and CloudFlare interacts through HTTPS (+HSTS) with A/S ("Full SSL").
  6. You cannot opt out of CloudFlare.


Youtube API (Google)

A/S makes use of the Google Youtube API, the API is used client side, that means on your browser as soon as you click a Youtube image below the charts. As long as you don't click it, there's no interaction with Youtube whatsoever. If you do, the videos are embedded with a "youtube-nocookie" frame but Youtube still collects data.
In cases like that, please see the Privacy Policy of Google to find out more about their policy and what data they collect about you.