What is Anime Stats (A/S)?

Anime Stats tracks how an anime was rated while it airs/aired on a per-episode basis. Starting shortly before the first episode starts airing (regular airing, no pre-airs). For that purpose data from the biggest anime related websites is collected.
A/S also provides an extensive archive for past data, going back to the Fall season of 2012.

A/S focuses on the progression over the time an anime aired, last ratings are tracked one week after last episode aired.

Where is anime x?

The criteria for an anime being tracked widened over time and as such A/S does not provide every single anime since 2012 in its database. A/S tries to collect as many anime as possible but only anime with a reasonable schedule. After all, the more unpredictable an anime airs, the less informative its statistics are. Same for single OVA episodes that air months after the original anime.

Some anime don't have a page on the related websites and can't be tracked either.

Why can't I access anime page X?

Maybe you misspelled the title. Try using the MALid instead of the title.
Or the anime was only tracked once and you get redirected to the archive instead.
If you want to make sure that people can access the anime page directly, copy&paste the link as it appears in the addressbar. Or use the MAL id instead of the title.
If you don't know the MALid, you can use the search in the navbar and click the anime you want to link to. That way the MAL id appears in the addressbar, not the title.

When are the ratings updated?

Usually 2-3 hours before an episode airs. That includes the first episode. If the anime started less than 7 days ago there is only a single data point available.
That data point is before the anime actually aired and done to "kickstart" the chart and to put the first rating into perspective. That way you can see a change in the chart when episode 2 is out.

Ultimately that means:
If an anime airs less than two weeks, the most left point is data for before the anime aired. Otherwise you won't see that data point anymore in charts. Then the most left point is the data for episode 1 instead.

Why are the airing times wrong?

They are not necessarily wrong. The server uses UTC time and timestamps are converted to your browser timezone but this might be buggy. Using timezones is exhaustive in general. If you are sure that the airing time is wrong, maybe previous information about the schedule was wrong. In such cases you are more than welcome to mail a correction of the time. Please say what timezone you refer to and the source of information. Get in contact here.

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Complaints? Feedback? Suggestions?

A/S tries to improve where applicable and beneficial. If you have any kind of feedback, don't hesitate to get in contact.
Any kind of constructive criticism from you is appreciated!

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