I'm genuinely lazy with changelogs and find them for the most part rather unimportant so I add some more information rants. Hotfixes, that would be easy fixable bugs, aren't considered as little updates but will be added to the next update's changelog entry. Therefore don't expect to see for each tiny, little change an entry here.
* Based on the previous update a lot more refactorings and cleanup in the backend side of things * Tweaked some administrator related stuff and added new features * Overall updates of the backend * Finally fixed the positioning of the Cookies thingy on mobile to not overlap footer
Maintenance, mainly backend stuff.
This is more of a backend type of update, while quite some work went into this update, not a lot of it is visible. * The "Did You Mean" thing has now its own route and doesn't share one with the detail page * Fixed an issue where accessing an anime detail page with an unknown ID, say 15 for example ;), was throwing 500 errors * Fixed the order of the ratings in tooltips to be correctly MAL - AL - K * A few missing redirects were added * favicon in png format and apple-touch icon were added * A bit delayed but finally updated to Laravel 8 and upgraded some internal stuff for this * A lot of code/feature documentation written, only for dev purposes obviously. There's a point where you lose oversight on all the ever growing stuff implemented and that part isn't remotely done. But you gotta start somewhere.
Updating and polishing stuff
* Tooltips in lists are back, hover your mouse over an entry to see it displayed * Refactored the Genre List page, now using cover artwork for example anime * Improved the display of marked favourites and when it will show up, there's mostly no page reload necessary anymore * Removed an old SVG helper tool, that was deprecated, replaced some old SVGs with inline ones from heroicons * Output of producers is now sorted by name instead of internal id * Fixed a lot of issues here and there in JS/Backend/third party code
Misc. update
  • Cookie Notice was refactored. Previously Matomo was used but due to more and more strict data privacy legislations the usage of Matomo became quite pointless. So that part is removed now. The only external cookies are for YouTube now, and those are only set if you click on a YouTube button after accepting cookies. If you haven't accepted cookies, you get a notification telling you to accept cookies first.
  • Added feedback for Anime that have no YT previews available. Instead of silently doing nothing.
  • With the last update of Laravel something broke with the display of time. Everywhere. Nothing too serious on the backend site but the displayed date and times were broken in the middle of the season and updates were delayed to the following day shortly after midnight. This has been fixed by explicitely setting the time format in the Models and using UTC basically everywhere. In the browser Luxon is now used to convert to your local timezone. For GMT this seems to be working perfectly. This was already fixed a few months ago, though.
  • Updated some other backend stuff that is deprecated in preparation of Laravel 8, that is scheduled for the next major update (not set in stone, though).
  • Fixed: Relation issues with studio, producer, licensors when updating anime. Some time ago for whatever reason, A/S wasn't updating studios and licensors anymore. Only producers. There's still no reason as to why that happend.
  • Updated TailwindCSS from 1.2 to 1.7. But still using tailwindcss-spinner as the native version of TWCSS sucks big time.
  • On Anime detail pages the question mark for episodes was removed. If it's unclear how many episodes the anime has, nothing is displayed.
  • Some Lighthouse improvements. The Recent Changes landing page uses Mutation Observer to load the images now, speeding up the pageload greatly.
  • Some styling tweaks here and there.
  • Fixed: Directly accessing the Seasonal Statistics tab in Archive wasn't creating the charts.
  • Fixed: Clicking the "Same Scale" button set a wrong URL that still worked as intended. Now it sets the correct URL.
  • Fixed: Some time ago Currently Airing and Current Anime was merged into one page, but the navbar linked to the old page. For legacy reasons the old page only redirects to the merged page. That menu is now correct and saves a redirect.
Maintenance / Polishing
This update is polishing up the frontend redesign on pretty much all known issues. A few new features that didn't quite make it into the redesign were added as well. Quite a lot of refactoring on the backend side of things as well, reducing JS dependencies by ~78kb, from ~280kb.
  • Added a little banner on the top-right edge in recent changes for new anime (will be visible next season).
  • Fixed an inconsistency with recent update showing Anime X was updated, but upon requesting that anime's detail page you'd still see the "upcoming" page.
  • Improved the navbar search: added an indicator for an ongoing search, added feedback for no results, added missing hover effect when hovering over the cover
  • Replaced momentjs with Luxon, drastically reducing the bundled JS assets, while checking all time displays to correctly use your local browser time. Using time for all timezones is hard, but it _should_ be more accurate now for like the 99%.
  • MAL "recently" changed the weighting of their displayed score on the main detail page drastically due to rating bombing of a particular Ecchi/Hentai series. A/S does _not_ weight scores, never has, never will. Them weigh(t)ing scores is an arbitrary manipulation, A/S would need to apply the exact same calculations, that's impossible. A/S uses the "raw" numbers under /stats and calculates the ratings based on that; to avoid reports of "incorrect" statistics there's a notice on detail pages now.
  • The sorting on Current Anime, Archive, etc. tables is now saved and applied to Boards and Charts display as well, sort in table view for MAL rating (ascending) for example, change to Charts and see the same order. This setting is saved into the localStorage and read on reload, each list has their own setting.
  • The "Current season only" setting in Current Anime now filters board and chart view as well, previously onle the table view was filtered. This one was surprisingly difficult to achieve.
  • Refactored the Download-Chart function, when you downloaded more than one image, the previous image was simply overpainted, leading to a mashup of colors and you needed to reload the page to fix this.
  • Refactored the way all charts are created, removed some old and now unused dependencies in the process.
  • Added missing tooltips in Archive - Statistics-Tab
  • Fixed wrong order of Ratings, it should always be MAL, AniList, Kitsu, in Archive Statistics
  • Added a few performance improvements on page load
  • Fixed issue with new anime and numbers on the charts being displayed as floats. JS-typically long floats for data that is not float, like people watching.
  • Added tooltip to the heart on mouseover to indicate what it is
  • Fixed a few inconsistencies in recent updates in the markup, changed the color of the rating box to match all other similar displays and tweaked the styling a bit
  • Fixed wrong end date for anime in embedded JSON Scheme
  • Fixed an issue that seemingly lead to a loong page when navigating between Table, Board and Charts view. This was due to scrolling down in charts view, hovering over a chart and triggering the tooltip then changing back to boards or table. The tooltip was still fixed at the position at the bottom, dragging the length of the page.
  • Update of pretty much everything, even the build chain, that was as old as the Laravel base of this but didn't keep up with the everchanging ecosystems out there. The bundled dependencies for the frontend were cleaned up during this.
  • Various bugfixes, cleanups and a few new features
    This update brings an entirely redesigned frontend. Over the course of this year most things were rather small bugfixes here and there done silently in the backround. Some time around summer TailwindCSS was released in version 1.0 and after a bit of testing and a few hours getting used to it, it proved to be _incredibly_ powerful and just lovely to work with. Working with Bootstrap seems tedious and annoying in comparison. The redesign is loosely based on the previous layout but improved upon in nearly every aspect. Tons of visual bugs and glitches were fixed, visuals harmonized were they weren't before and a few new features were added. Bootstrap and jQuery are now _entirely removed_. Something that was set in motion around 2 years ago. This redesign took a bit more than three months from start to finish. Changes:
    • Addition of TailwindCSS, immensely improving mobile experience, with that support for old/some mobile browsers not being able to render flexbox is dropped
    • Removal of Bootstrap and jQuery, saving a few hundred KBs of data (several dozens gzipped)
    • Removal of the previously implemented HTML minifier, it throws tantrums when used in production mode and with embedded/inlined code
    • Cookie handling was changed to comply with newest legislation in the EU: If your browser sends "DNT" information you won't need to opt out/opt-in for tracking, you're not being tracked at all (as before). If you do not or cannot send that information you will be asked to decline or accept cookies and can revoke that decision anytime (new behaviour). Unless you opt-in you will not be tracked, ignoring the cookie notice will be interpreted as declining cookies. Please be aware that there are still cookies present that are purely functional cookies and do not need your acceptance like session cookie, page core functionality like favourites, temporary local caching of search results and similar.
    • The navbar menu was simplified, Genre and Top Rated pages can now be found in the footer area, Currently Airing and Current Season pages were merged into "Current Anime", old links redirect to that new page
    • Navbar search results were reworked entirely and display more information, additionally search results are ordered by airing season descending where applicable
    • Removal of the Last/Next updates table view, cards are now used instead
    • Below the main page content and above the footer there is a favourite slider. You now can favourite your anime for quicker navigation. Wherever you see an anime cover, you can hover it and add the anime to your favourites. They are saved inside your localStorage. As long as that is not cleared your favs are still present when you access A/S a week later. This functionality is not available on small resolution devices.
    • All Anime search got several bug fixes. The AND/OR search was broken for some time and season filter didn't work as intended.
    • Better usage of AngularJS' digest cycle to increase first time load of data heavy pages
    • Replaced all b and i tags with their respective replacements
    • On Anime Detail pages you were able to switch the chart display to a table display with the selected data. This is an often overlooked feature, leading to the table being displayed below the chart now. You can interact with the chart and the table independently and have different data selected.
    • On Anime Detail page the prequel/sequel links were moved below the cover and display their own cover as well
    • In /boards view the hover effect does now work with any combinations of genres. Previously some combinations were cutting off parts of that list
    • Cleaned up quite a bit of code in backend and frontend, like missing alt properties, removing unused variables, legacy code, etc.
    • Removed a few dependencies for qTip and YT overlay, further decreasing page size
    • Updates of all dependencies and modularizing all the JS code for easier maintenance
    Design Overhaul
    Some new features were added, a lot of other code was refactored and some code that became useless over the years was removed.
    • These changelogs were redone entirely. The previous list was getting too long and crowded.
    • The front page with recent updates is now mobile friendly. Tables were removed. Flexbox ftw. Maybe the same will be used on other pages using tables, but that is yet to be decided.
    • After many years, finally, the jQuery-UI navbar search was replaced by a superior JavaScript native version. It may need some tweaks here and there but it saves roughly 64kb[sic!] of assets. This is a great accomplishment and didn't even need that much of a change.
    • Finally as well, chart tooltips look the same everywhere. This includes the Seasonal Statistics in Archive.
    • The rating distribution on an anime page displays the total sum of ratings in the tooltip for the hovered bars. If there is only one bar available it's hidden.
    • The prequel/sequel not being set correctly are hopefully a thing from the past. Gotta have to watch out for `Model::relationship()` instead of `Model::relationship`. :)
    • Increased width and height of the downloadable image on the anime page.
    • Changed the number format (one of those tedious international things). Previously, numbers were like 65432.543, now they _should_ be displayed as `65,432.543` everywhere.
    • The All Anime search was throwing 500 errors when the entered query was too broad. This was an uncaught error with no display on the site, now there's a custom 500 response for that case. Later on, this search will be tackled to handle searches in a more reliable way.
    • Updated all dependencies to newest versions, this includes a Laravel update to 5.7, this is in preparation of 5.8 that is soon™ to be released.
    • In light of the AnuglarJS update in this update, the `Same scale` button triggered twice again, seems like the double event trigger quirk encountered on the September update got fixed.
    • BootstrapJS is loaded by module now, hence the footprint is roughly a third from what it was before (90kb ->35kb).
    • The styling is being improved on the backend side of things, in a way that it gets easier changing specific styles. This is an ongoing process, started in the previous update.
    • Unified page displays to use more tiles.
    • Added an HTML minifier to further improve speed (yes, there's compression already, but still).
    • Removed some leftover inline font-awesome relicts.
    • Implemented usage of Browserify. ECMAScript6 is finally available on this project as well. Fixed some code issues here and there in the process.
    Feature and cleanup update
    This particular update is about fixing many problems and bugs, as well as adding some significant style updates. There was a lot more work to do than the bullet points give away.
    • Refactored the /boards route with a completely new styling. Some hover effects might calculate the height incorrect. Several possible solutions are being worked on.
    • /charts routes got refactored, too. Tooltips is equivalent to the new(ish) style. Line colors are similar to archive and rating distributions for each source.
    • /list, /boards and /charts routes got a default sorting that matches the context (Top Rated sorts by rating, etc).
    • Refactored when the spinner is to be displayed for all the pages in the navbar.
    • Refactored the tabs for List, Boards, Charts and Seasonal Statistics.
    • Cookie Consent is embedded into the page.
    • Tooltips when hovering in a list aren't using the "scrolldown" effect anymore. Now it's a simple fadein effect.
    • Added some effect to the 404 Not Found page. Making it a bit more interactive and lively.
    • Added a lot of margin here and there, giving the content more room to breath.
    • Increased the amount of loaded covers in /boards routes. On larger screens (4k) the scrolling got disabled because of the low amount.
    • Bugfix: The same-scale Button in /charts broke some time ago. It triggered the re-draw of the charts twice for some reason (not an event propagation issue, some AngularJS quirk), making clicking it useless.
    • Bugfix: Fixed yet another bug in how the same-scale button redraws the charts. The canvas was simply overpainted, hovering over random points displayed the "old" scaled canvas. Very odd bug.
    • Bugfix: Rating distribution was miscalculating Kitsu by using the absolute numbers instead of the percentage. D'oh.
    Cleanup and styling update
    A new season, and a new update. \o/ Just like with the last non-MAL-related update I've been busy fixing a lot of the tiny issues and inconsistencies here and there. Performance is something that is currently in the focus, as well as cleaning up the code.
    • Replaced FontAwesome CSS with this. Doing this was and still is a bit tricky as Angular doesn't have access to those (some older changelog entries will have "broken" icons) and I do not wish to expose them in the public HTML folder. Simply to save requests. Well, for now it works. Some SVGs look different now, that's the version 5 compared to 4.7. They changed some of the previously used "free" regular icons to be bold(er) and the better looking ones (read: the old versions) are PRO now. That sucks. Anyway, this improves the performance surprisingly much, like 200-300ms quicker page load, ~80kb less data to load + the font(s). Your results may vary. That's massive. With that some weird styling bugs appeared as well.
    • The recent changes tables are now striped and clicking on "more" will fade in the new data more nicely.
    • Sorting in All Anime by Genre now displays a caret as well. That sorting input fades in now, too.
    • The fancy tooltip on the progression charts for an anime now calculates its position more accurate. The first appearance of it won't start in the top left corner either anymore. The first datapoint uses the same styling now, too.
    • Improved a lot of stuff on the backend. Adding a new season was pretty fast this time around. Editing single episodes is now doable, too (w/o editing the DB directly). In case there's something wrong.
    • In the Archive Seasonal Statistics the Kitsu rating distribution calculation was fixed. Ironically at the start of a season the tooltip seems to miscalculate for Kitsu.
    • All libraries were updated to latest versions.
    • While MAL is still trying to get back online fully, they apparently change HTML and fix their layout in the process (they use Vue.js?!). They broke the update process, fixed that one.
    • Tweaked the display on 4K screens.
    Now, there's still a lot to do, but eventually they'll be dealt with:
    • The Kitsu tooltip miscalculation in the seasonal statistics
    • Unifying all tooltips to the new style
    • More performance tweaks, ie. inlining some JS/CSS stuff that's needed ASAP on every page anyway
    • Fixing the broken icons in old changelogs
    • Tweaking the settings for SVGs within Angular, so I can use them in these in markdown written changelogs
    • Improving the Markdown parser, it's subpar
    • Adding a new source for statistics, there's one particular in consideration that was requested and they do not have an API, so this needs some thought and contact. The latter is somewhat difficult, they keep ignoring me.
    At least one of these is for the late future, if at all. Take your pick which one it is. :P
    Cleanup Update
    Apparently MAL has been down for some days now and their communication could be improved a lot. I've spent my free day (it's a holiday here) to make arrangements in case MAL is down for 7 days or longer, where the end for an anime would need to be changed manually at the end of this season. Thing is, the update process runs 7 times per hour. Each time any of the currently three sources AniList, MyAnimeList or Kitsu is not reachable for whatever reason - all three have their fair share of issues -, the update process for an anime aborts without writing anything to the database and tries again in the next update cycle. While sending a notification mail to me. That prevents only partially data being written to the database as well as data corruption, the mail gives me a chance to act quickly in case something broke due to an update or so. This update brings me the ability to simply flip a switch to mirror or duplicate the last fetched data if available. Not yet tested for not aired anime (tomorrow FLCL Progressive will start airing), maybe the update will break again, but this has to do for now. After getting hundreds of mails over the last, what, 60 hours or so, this was a necessity to finish asap. There's an extra database for logging these issues quite extensive and it's running "full", forcing my hand. But to end on a positive note, I can switch a similar switch for Kitsu and AniList as well. The bottom notifications do not overlap the cookie notice anymore as well.
    "Maintenance" Update
    Over the passed months I've been busy fixing bugs here and there whenever I had some time to do so. Time to write it all down.
    • When on a genre list in the /boards view, it won't display the spinner and jump to the top anymore when scrolling down.
    • Too long names are truncated in autocompletion in the navbar search results - overall I am not really happy with that autocomplete anymore but it's hard to replace.
    • Fixed an annoying regression bug in navbar: MAL IDs are searchable again. Grrr.
    • Navbar search results are sorted by last updated, descending, for anime results that is.
    • Many, many style fixes.
    • The tooltip in the charts was adapted to a slicker design. Still somewhat inconsistent to the barchart below but you can't use black as background and colorful labels here. Displayed values have changed, so that data is grouped to each source: MAL, AL, or Kitsu. Meaning if you hover over a line from Kitsu data, the tooltip only displays all other data in the chart from Kitsu. To see data from MAL you have to hover over MAL data and for AL as well. This complicates comparing ratings in numbers but you've got the table view for that. In the charts it was simply too crowded with all the different data and this change untangled the code a lot.
    • The table view as alternative to the chart is now sortable as well. Incidentally I was working on a plain JavaScript table sorting algorithm and could reuse it here, without trying to force Angular to sort a table with dynamic columns and dynamic rows. I'm actually pretty happy with that.
    • Fixed the Opt-Out link in Privacy for Matomo. For some reason Matomo refuses to be embedded with an iframe despite correct settings and headers, so a link is used now to opt-out. Keep in mind, if your browser sends a Do-Not-Track header, Matomo won't track you.
    • AniList was shutting down their API some time ago and changed to GraphQL instead, the update process was changed accordingly. GraphQL sucks by the way. If AL didn't have a working example with what A/S needs, it would have gotten itself removed entirely from this site, including old data. Rage quit material right here. GraphQL has one of the ugliest and most annoying syntax I have ever seen and I know Perl.
    • Fixed incorrect display of time labels in /charts views and wrong time conversion on other time related places.
    • Added a much better logging mechanism to the update process, giving me more information when something goes wrong. Even though it rarely does.
    • Some old logging was removed, some useless queries were removed as well, making page requests a tiny bit faster.
    • Fixed a bug where the recent changes (DB) table wasn't updated entirely correct.
    • Fixed some issues with the terrible Kitsu "rating frequencies" that led to most if not all anime of Winter and Spring 2018 having no correct rating distributions (up until now).
    • Fixed an issue with prequels and sequels not being set correctly, if you find an anime that has a sequel/prequel on here but it isn't displayed please tell me.
    • Fixed the incorrect starting year in footer. For some reason at some point it said 2011.
    Last year has been very busy and there wasn't enough time to take care of all the bugs that were piling up here and there. Instead of fixing those bugs I decided to create a new version of Anime Stats and get rid of the bugs in the process. A version that is build on Laravel on the backend and Angular on the frontend (as it was for years now). The difference now is, Angular doesn't take care of routing anymore. This lead to some serious issues before. This new version was in the making since September 2017 until this very moment, so a lot has changed. These are some of the biggest changes:
    • Moved to a new, faster server. Still on uberspace, as these people are amazing at what they do.
    • Besides a chart for the statistics progression you can look at the values in a table version. Fully dynamic with the values you prefer to see.
    • You might see some kind of notification here and there.
    • Usage of momentjs for a better, more automatic time handling.
    • Angular routing removed for the far superior Laravel routing.
    • Usage of Git and gulp for faster, easier updates.
    • Countless style tweaks, since the CSS was mostly re-written. This means some mobile tweaks were removed and need to be added later on.
    • Several JavaScript fixes, many in handling alternate statistics from Kitsu and AniList.
    • Updated every dependency to the newest version: Newest Angular 1.6.x, Bootstrap 4, ChartJS, jQuery, etc. Yes, Anime Stats uses Bootstrap 4 now.
    • Several bug fixes were made in the process of turning a lot of control over from Angular to Laravel. This includes the Caching. You will not need to manually delete your cache anymore.
    • The Genres List got reworked and is a lot simpler again.
    As always with big updates there'll be new bugs to kill. So please get in contact in case you encounter some. Some unfinished things:
    • Overlapping titles in the autocompletion if the title is too long.
    • Scrolling in a Genre's /boards Tab will hide the container while loading more data and the scrollbar jumps back to the top. - this one's difficult to fix - wasn't really hard after all but so obvious you had to miss the solution
    • On small resolutions some elements aren't correctly positioned or content reaches out of its container. - kind of ongoing, but the ones meant are fixed
    • Season Winter 2018 is incorrectly positioned in the Season picker in Archive.
    Milestone release

    It's been too long since the last update, RL has had me in its tight grip and I had no internet access for longer than a month (oh, the symptoms of withdrawal) but I could escape for a while to finally bring you this update I was looking forward to do for a very long time! I hope you like it as much as I do. :)

    1. Newish design to make the website a bit more visually appealing. Had this in mind for October 2016 and got delayed a lot, but it's finally here. Hopefully it is received well.
    2. For Firefox users: I added an OpenSearch document, meaning, you can install Anime-Stats as a search engine. :) No autocomplete though, that is a very scary function and not worth the outcome. Disable it, if you have it enabled for other searches. But with it you can directly get to the search.
    3. Replaced flotcharts with Chart.js. *moment of silence* Now, this was years in the making in a sense (2013/2014-ish). I looked for better looking charts and libraries, I literally read about every single one that is out there and useable (and tested/demo'd a lot of them). But discarded pretty much 9 out of 10 shortly after. In autumn I settled with Chart.js and guess what, AniList was implementing their own stats tracking (that I was aware of beforehand) with...Chart.js. Don't be confused, I decided to use Chart.js first and am not copying AL! :P With this a lot of changes come to the site and an era comes to an end. While flotcharts has fantastic performance (srsly, it's the best!), it has its drawbacks when it comes to styling and chart type limitations. While Chart.js has overall a good performance, having the /charts pages still leads to performance issues. I am aware of that and am thinking of removing the single ones and add a big chart with the addition of buttons to add the anime manually. Not a clue how to deal with the different ratings of Kitsu, AL and MAL yet, though. In archive it's still somewhat too colorful, I am also aware of that.
    4. Added a download button to an anime page. There you can download the displayed chart in 400h x 800w size. Please be nice and leave the source attribution in it when you share those. Perhaps this will be especially useful for the reddit threads that were using this site's numbers often already.
    5. If you select too many data for a chart on an anime page (currently it's at max 7), you'll get a notification that it's too much.
    6. A "subheader" was added to the anime page, it will show links and associations more prominently.
    7. The last and upcoming updates table got a "show more" link. Someone mentioned it in the survey I had going in January and thought that's a pretty cool idea. Keep in mind, though, that A/S does not keep a list of all previous updates nor compiles a list for all upcoming updates for all the anime. As a consequence it's only possible to display an anime only once in each of those lists. But that should still be fine and you'll get a notification if there's nothing more to display. Thanks for this idea, stranger!
    8. An old feature is back: Genre list. A very, very early version of the site had it already but this time it's a bit different. I experimented with a boring A-Z list and other stuff but nothing was good enough. Now I settled with something that I think has room for improvement in terms of design (as usual) but is functional and adds some neat insight.
    9. Whenever you scrolled a bit down on an anime page or list and clicked on a genre/studio link you stayed on the scroll position, now you should always automatically scroll to the top. This annoyed me greatly.
    10. Removed a lot of redundant data processing in the backend and maybe improved the performance of the server a bit (probably not).
    11. On smaller devices, when the burger menu is displayed, it will close after you touch an item on there automatically.
    12. Several style fixes and tweaks here and there alongside the new UI.
    13. Stylefix: The favourites and on some devices the popularity labels in table header were underlined in the middle of the word.
    14. Bugfix: If you visit an anime page directly with a cleared Browser (empty cache and localStorage) you got an error notification that the data couldn't be loaded. Although...the data was loaded but not used. It's an old bug that was once fixed before. Twice the charm, I guess.
    15. Bugfix: In January the site had a few serious issues, of all time when I wasn't able to fix it immediately, one of those issues was, when MyAnimeList deletes an anime entry (just to re-enter it with a different ID), the update process gets a 404 from MAL and aborts entirely. This needs some testing in the field but should never happen again and just process the other updates as intended. That was probably the biggest issue ever.

    Soo, what was the survey about? or I didn't see any survey, what was it about?
    It was only a handful general questions about the site, as in, do you generally like this site, or is there any pressing issue that needs ASAP fixing. There was also the question about ads. You know, I don't plan on making a fortune with this site. Let's be honest, it's a great little sideproject and probably only some people would miss it, if it's gone. But I have a great time learning with this project. I like the thought of helping people as well and enjoy it, if people find it helpful. I'd like it to be at least self-sufficient/independent from my own earnings. It's hard with (fair) ads as they pay very less and you need to pay taxes off of it. Anyway, the majority would prefer ads over a donation button (I wouldn't go with PayPal, though, I dislike the way they deal with honest people). That's interesting, but I guess that comes with the advantage of not coming in contact with the money question thanks to AdBlocker. A donation button always feels a bit like begging, or comes with the expectation to have a say about things if you give money to get something in return. It's a tricky subject. Thanks to all contributors, though!

    Major update
    1. Past anime will only display when the last update was, the "Finished" label is hidden now.
    2. Replaced Hummingbird with Kitsu. Some or many slugs are gone, some anime were removed or not yet added to their database. Perhaps that's why you'd see 404s when clicking the fox (for now, hopefully). Some of the ratings will have a jump to 0 because of that. I'll take a look at a later time and mirror the previous rating to get back a "normal" line.
    3. Simplified the way the tooltip on the chart is created and displayed.
    4. Bugfix: Rating distribution was throwing errors when a certain distribution wasn't available instead of using the default fallback.
    5. Bugfix: Rating distribution with distributions that are not available will display a barchart with 10 lines in it instead of a white area.
    1. Changed the mail address from [email protected] to [email protected]
    2. Replaced bootbox with toastr. That's a much more elegant way telling you something went wrong.
    3. When loading of the statistics for an anime takes a bit longer than usual, you'll see a loading spinner, indicating the website is working on getting what you want.
    4. Improved the search behaviour in All Anime, search queries are now split on OR, with that AND conditions take precedence over OR. Example: mrating:>7 AND genre:Comedy OR season:Summer 2015 are basically two searches: a) anime with a MAL rating of over 7 and the genre comedy, b) all anime from Summer 2015.
    5. Changed the MAL update. They changed something again on their site.~
    6. Bugfix: In All Anime a search query with an AND and an OR was only dealing with the AND part, ignoring the OR part with mostly no results at all.
    7. Bugfix: In some cases you weren't seeing the rating for an anime, due to some special characters. Now all anime should work again.
    8. Bugfix: When changing tabs within a Genre list, the document title got the genre name removed.
    9. Bugfix: The AniList rating distribution was using the Hummingbird numbers to calculate the percentage. D'oh.
    10. Bugfix: Upcoming anime had no rating whatsoever displayed on the upcoming table.
    11. Bugfix: Fixed old URL of the Click for Youtube image.
    12. Bugfix: Some changes on the backend were leading to no data for new, upcoming anime. You saw an ugly alert, saying an error occured. This should not happen anymore.
    Crucial maintenance and bugfix update; some improved features.
    1. AniList added a Highest Rated # and Most Popular # display on their anime pages. I liked that idea so much, I wanted to do the same. But that is not as easy as it is for AniList, I assume. However, A/S will display the all time "rank", as I call it, to the right of the title on the anime/show/* page. That one's easy to do and uses the MAL rating to indicate its place (there are many anime without HB/AL rating, so can't use that). I did a rank for the year, too but that was too unprecise and getting a precise rank for that is hard.
    2. Bootstrap has some issues with navbars on small devices, I tried to resolve those issues by setting the menu height manually specifically for small devices. I can now use it on my own smartphone just fine. This sounds much easier than it was, without breaking it on bigger/medium resolutions.
    3. In an earlier update I embedded some JSON files to increase the loading speed. This update revokes that. I put it in with reservations for what it means regarding the traffic. This website does not use noteworthy amounts of traffic, however, I am nitpicky. If I can save bytes and its reasonable, I will. CloudFlare stats skyrocketed in the uncached requests section and stayed there, compared to before and I don't think that is beneficial for anyone.
    4. Added a percentage display in All Anime showing the amount of anime the search query matches on. Hidden if all anime a displayed, apparently.
    5. Changed a lot of internal stuff and reduced the size of the core mechanics significantly.
    6. Legends in /charts didn't have a margin between color and label, looked odd.
    7. Removed the Rank columns for small devices in the lists, instead the Popularity will be displayed. Seems more relevant. Next Update column will be also hidden for everyone in the Top Rated list from now on as most anime are finished. For those that are still airing, a "still airing" is displayed in the Anime column instead.
    8. The dropdown in Archive was changed to look visually more pleasing. The more seasons were available, the more terrible it looked. Now it's more like a season picker. I like it pretty much, it's simple but intuitive.
    9. Hummingbird numbers are doubled for the /charts routes for a better comparison.
    10. One of the changes in the AniList API were a rating distribution (\o/), I added that in between already and it will be visible on the score distribution chart now (if available). AniList uses a percentage rating, so you could give an anime a rating of 83% and AniList will count that rating to the 8 rating in the distribution. That is a bit different to the other two distributions, keep that in mind.
    11. Added some more error handling for the AniList API stuff. They were changing some things they did not mention specifically, breaking some updates.
    12. Added a "business" paragraph to FAQ and changed Contact to mention that.
    13. Some links have a dotted underline to indicate they are clickable. Headlines for tables now, too, to indicate they have a tooltip.
    14. Using Slim for a RESTful API now, this will make things a lot easier for me in the future. No weird manual Angular POST handling anymore. But no, I don't plan to make a public API. This project is not build to handle that kind of API.
    15. Drastically changed the folder structure on the server, possibly breaking some stuff.
    16. Bugfix: Adding a new association to an anime would always break if it had a prequel already. I still have to check if there are some missing associations between anime because of that.
    17. Bugfix: Board views was loading all images immediately, or any arbitrary numbers. This should be fixed now.
    18. Bugfix: Some escaping issues were resolved in the Updateprocess. &s were escaped as &&& for some reason and a faulty company name was "fixed".
    Feature update
    1. Boards fade in now, visually more appealing amd tweaked the creation, speeding up that process a wee bit.
    2. Added a Discord link to Contact. Probably in vain but eh, why not. It looks like a nice and easy way of communication.
    3. Updated Privacy. Reworded some things, no severe changes.
    4. Bugfix: A caching issue in archive was solved, now it does not request what is not there.
    5. Bugfix: Some CSS issues, mainly a pixel positioning bug for the footer (tiny gap on one side, once seen you can't unsee).
    6. Bugfix: New anime with only a single datapoint had no second datapoint inserted when it was loaded from the Cache. If you access an anime with only one episode out, a second point inserted with your time of request, to get a visible straight line for the rating instead of a single dot in the left border that is difficult to see.
    7. Bugfix: There were some issues with the updates. The process had difficulties to correctly assess to (not) update (anymore).
    Tweaks and maintenance update
    1. The search in All Anime can now distinguish between MAL, AL and HB ratings. If you wish so, that is.
    2. For small devices the genres are hidden in All Anime.
    3. Sidebar in anime/show was tweaked and made easier readable, some information is hidden when "Unknown".
    4. Did a lot of normalization on the database I planned to do for years already. This will need some testing but will keep the database somewhat smaller in the long run compared to before.
    5. Hummingbird rating distribution is now added to the MAL rating distribution bar chart in the archive. Visible only for Spring 2016 and up apparently.
    6. The YouTube player below a chart was removed, it's only visible for upcoming anime if there's no data yet (and made bigger there). Instead, a YT play button was added below the cover and starts the player in full-height on click as a popup. In terms of privacy nothing has changed here, only on click like before there is interaction with Google servers, just as before.
    7. The barchart below an anime chart has got an "iteration" feature, set the time delay between iterations, hit play and watch the progression of the distribution of ratings without doing anything else.
    8. Due to significantly different amounts, the barchart now uses percentage on its yaxis for better comparison between MAL and HB rating distributions. Of course, on mousehover you can still see absolute numbers.
    9. Some JSON files are embedded now automatically, saving a few requests and should make the website load even faster and should lead to more up-to-date data in-between seasons, when new anime were added to the database (needs still some testing, tho).
    10. The board view that was introduced with the "Did You Mean" is now additionally available on all lists, including the new /boards route.
    11. When you enter a "wrong" name for an anime/show/name, it displays a "Did You Mean" feature - if there are multiple possibilities. That feature was tweaked in style a lot, badges added, indicating the recent ratings directly and whether or not the anime is still ongoing.
    12. All barcharts are now side by side and don't touch each other anymore. Looks much better and cleaner.
    13. The pagination controls were centered everywhere.
    14. Since a while the updates are running more than twice an hour, the timer on the index page now correctly calculates the time to update.
    15. Several style changes and tweaks here and there, like bigger covers (not in anime/show/*), box-shadows, margins between charts, button stylings, etc.
    16. Bugfix: There was an error thrown in All Anime when you didn't finish your query yet. Luckily it didn't break the whole site.~
    17. Bugfix: Current Season wasn't correctly changing tabs due to a typo in some cases.
    18. Bugfix: Updates were wrongly escaping & characters and putting it as &amp or similar into the database.
    Major update
    1. The slugs for Hummingbird should be more accurate for all anime and lead to the Hummingbird page directly.
    2. Changed the contact page, simplified the process of using the formular to send me a mail.
    3. Updated the Privacy Policy page.
    4. The SSL issues were resolved. Updates run smooth now.
    5. Fixed a bug with the chart creation, as the container holding the chart fades in, it is null as long as its opacity is <1 and flot throws an error in that case. There was a check and delay for that particular case but seems it wasn't enough.
    6. Fixed a rounding issue with the new ratings in chart tooltips, not displaying the most right tooltip.
    Tweaks and maintenance update, if you are a regular, you may need to reset the cache (see FAQ) for this update to not break the page or just hit F5 if you encounter an empty page.
    1. The color blind button is styled like the others now.
    2. In case of an "unknown" anime title within anime/show/{title} a "did you mean" like page is displayed, with potential correct anime titles. That page considers at least the first letter of the {title} to be correct. It uses a rather naive approach, but it should work smooth nonetheless for the next few years. If only a single anime was found with the specified title, it'll redirect automatically to it. That means Gintama without the ° works now. But whenever possible, you should try to link to the exact title or malid in the first place. That's less error-prone and saves a redirect.
    3. Bugfix: There was a condition not properly defined and a direct access of an anime/show page was displayed empty.
    Small maintenance update
    1. Some minor style fixes here and there, including correct positioning of the MAL score in the charts.
    2. Updated FAQ to address the issue of redirecting you to the last updates. Solving this perfectly gives me headaches due to all the special characters anime title have.
    3. Tweaks to the new API parts, still not working 100% correctly, but I'm observing it very closely.
    4. Bugfix: After using lazyload for the /charts pages, it happened that for new anime only one or two were displayed instead of the correct number. This is because anime with only a single datapoint are hidden but those were counted to the number to display, with one or two charts you can't scroll and with that can't trigger lazyload to load new charts. Now those are correctly skipped and the correct amount is displayed (if available, that is).
    More polishing
    1. Whenever you hover over a rating dot in a chart it displays all data. With AL and HB this looks rather long, hence these are always hidden if their value is 0 (=always for old anime). Also, added those to be displayed correctly if their value is non-zero.
    2. Recoded the way the charts are created. The code for the chart creation was one of the oldest pieces this website uses (~4 years old). It was a very naive approach since in the beginning I collected only a few statistics and it was pretty sufficient and overkill to do it any other way in terms of time effort. With up to 19 options that looks different now. Firefox benefits more than Chrome, but we're talking about a few ms less time (it's 1/5 to 2/5 faster on my end) and isn't something you may notice. Some mobile devices might benefit noticeable, though.
    3. Bugfix: There was an option in the chart creation that was throwing an error and the anime/show/* page was broken for all anime as a result. D'oh.
    4. Bugfix: the barchart below an anime chart was always using MAL numbers to calculate the percentages, even if you hide the MAL numbers.
    5. Bugfix: Uberspace, this hoster, is using cURL in a version that (among others) has apparently issues requesting RESTful APIs, like HB and AL are using, if that API is behind CloudFlare and using HTTPS (handshake fails due to missing ciphers). Sooo, some early updates that I were following very closely didn't work and I had to "quickly" find the solution. Here it is. CURL_SSLVERSION_TLSv1 seems to make it work now.
    6. Bugfix: Automatic updates were only happening once per hour, AniList forces you to re-use the auth token and updates will fail if that token isn't received to prevent default numbers for AL that I'd need to change manually whenever I see this happening (worst case next morning after 8 updates or more~). Something I plan to do, like, never.
    7. Bugfix: Due to the rewriting of the backend and the update process, anime weren't set as finished correctly and scheduled for another update, as well as AniList numbers weren't inserted properly in certain circumstances.
    Polishing up milestone release
    1. Added a very short (<1.1s) fadein effect for charts and lists (0.5s). Makes the whole site appear smoother. It's by no means slower, but it will surely make people think so. Thing is, without this fadein the site loads usually so quickly, it abruptly builds the pages and you can still see it here and there happen. That on its own can be considered off-putting by some (me included) and the fadein effect buffers that a bit.
    2. Hummingbird and AniList ratings added. I am especially eager to see this finally in action. Wanted to do this for a year or so now. Well, technically since the very beginning, but y'know, life happened. Since the addition of AniList and Hummingbird statistics it's important to note: whenever not otherwise specified displayed numbers represent MyAnimeList numbers!
    3. Added links to AniList and Hummingbird for the anime pages. For a selected few anime there is no AniList page and the link is not available then. Hummingbird uses a slug system for their links. Many links won't work since HB uses different titles than MAL and slugs are said to not be reliable on HB and I don't feel like checking the slug for ~600 anime by hand.
    4. Backend completely rewritten (well, basically). Broke tons of stuff in the process as usual (kidding...I hope) and fixed some leftover bugs.
    5. With the new ratings new options to display in the chart were necessary, rearranged buttons to be horizontal for everyone (previously only small screens saw it) and tweaked them a bit to make this work.
    6. Full HTTPS support and additionally HSTS. HTTPS still had some issues before but Let's Encrypt is so easy to setup these days on this particular hoster that it should work without any issues at all. But let's see if in practice it holds up to that. Not a necessity on anime related statistics but it should be mandatory if possible.
    7. Cloudflare put between you and the server. Should be beneficial for all in the long run. Limits the above mentioned security measure with HTTPS and HSTS of course, since CF decodes the requests on their servers and requests the data from this server through HTTPS and HSTS then. The caching might need some tweaking, though. I am fairly new to Cloudflare.
    8. Tabs have now their own route: /charts, /charts-same-scale /list and for archive additionally /seasonal-statistics are now available.
    9. The Charts display got a lazyload, immensely improving performance, Hummingbird rating distribution was added into those as well (only for Spring 2016 and onwards). With this and the addition of /charts routes the charts aren't hidden anymore for small devices.
    10. Increased the display of charts for TopRated to 51 (was 42).
    11. Changed name to Anime Stats (from "Anime Rating Stats") to better associate with the new domain. Changed short form alongside to A/S (from A/R). I think this will be the last name change for this project. It's broad enough to be not too specific and pretty descriptive.
    12. With new address comes new mail in contact.~
    13. Removed the hits columns entirely. It was in the way of other things.
    14. Tweaked style on the CookieConsent popup message and removed the external image, that's no good.
    15. Added a timer to the anime page, indicating the next update in X days, hours:minutes format, does not update every second but every minute, so a minute may not exactly be a minute in sync with your time.
    16. Added a silent timer to the index page, if it reaches 0, the table should be loaded anew.
    17. Added a message informing you if there was no search result with your query in All Anime.
    18. Renamed About to FAQ and rewritten it.
    19. The season column in current season is finally hidden, I thought I did that already months ago. Weird.
    20. The tooltips got a remodel and should now scale properly/better. The companies behind an anime got a few icons: - imagine some glyphicons here that are not available anymore. Licensor may or may not get another icon later, though.
    21. Fixed: 12-sai.: Chicchana Mune no Tokimeki was broken, redirected to last updates.
    22. Fixed a bug where the Youtube Player won't load for new (upcoming) anime.
    23. Fixed a bug where you were redirected from any /anime/show/ page to the last updates if you visit this site for the first time (after you deleted the cached data in your browser). Partly it's more of a workaround, most anime get directly embedded with their rating data now, saving an Ajaxcall. For some anime stats can't be retrieved this way (special characters in titles make this hard) there's a short delay to let A/S download the necessary data first to determine what anime you want to see and download that data. Most likely needs some tweaking.
    Milestone release
    1. The Season column in All Anime is now able to sort correctly ascending or descending.
    2. In Charts view, episodes with less than two data points (= only one episode out) are always hidden now. Looks nicer than an empty chart or a chart with a straight line.
    3. List views remember the index and count appropriately in case you use paging.
    4. Studio / producer / licensor will be hidden if they are unknown and the anime is either finished or upcoming. The rating for upcoming anime is displayed as "TBR", MAL does not rate not yet aired anime since a while now and they'd be all at 0 anyway.
    5. The legend for the chart now remembers the (relative) position, in case you move it around and click a button next or below the chart. You shouldn't move it over the axis labels, though. If you do, it's likely to be unable to move the legend again. That's because of the way flotcharts handles the z-index of the involved axis and the legend.
    6. The cursor changes to a moving cursor when hovering over the legend, to indicate you can move it around.
    7. The colorblindmode uses additionally symbols for the different lines. If you use too much data, you run out of good colors for color blind people and I searched and tested quite a few and settled with the ones I use now, but some colors still look rather similar, with adding symbols I hope to counter that a bit better.
    8. The archive seasonal statistics, where the seasonal rating distribution is available, got an overall average rating for that season.
    9. Updated libraries to the newest available version. If something breaks, those are the culprit (most likely).
    10. Bugfix: The new anime of this season were set as airing every two days and updated in a two day rhythm. It was an oversight with an earlier update to be able to set the airing cycle of the anime more precisely. So, if you see for the first one or two episodes data for a day or two too early, that's why. I didn't want to use the update a day after the episode aired (weekly episodes mean every 7 days an update, but a two day rhythm updates at day 6 and 8). Rest assured, I facepalmed pretty hard when I saw this.
    Maintenance update
    1. Splitting the producers was only quickly changed, this update also considers the Archive seasonal statistics and now correctly displays the licensing companies again.
    2. Bugfix: There was an issue with hashed links in About, throwing a JavaScript error due to an uninitialized variable.
    3. Bugfix: resetCache was broken for some time now. Whoopsi.
    4. Bugfix: "None found, add some" sneaked into the database as two entries for producer / licensor / studio. Shouldn't happen anymore. Missed to fix this last week.
    5. Bugfix: The update from 2nd December, when the navbar search was reworked, bombed the MAL id search in the process. Works again.
    Maintenance update
    1. MAL split producers into producers, licensors and studios, so fixed that in a long night. Thank you, MAL. Once again showing how important a usable API would be. :'(
    2. The search in All Anime was changed accordingly and supports now studio and licensor specific searches. To be able to search for all three at once as it was before, a company search was added.
    "Small" fix with producers
    1. Added the support of negation (exclusion) for the search in All Anime ("<>").
    2. Added a "floor search" for the rating of anime in All Anime (ie. instead of rating:>6.99 AND rating:<8.00 to get all anime rated with a 7, simply use rating:7_)
    3. The search in the navbar was reworked. There was some old weight to get rid off and it was sped up in the process a bit, we'll see how much in production. Local it was significant but the server is local, too and responses are faster here anyway, soo~. Actually MAL beat me to this, I wanted to do it forever but autocomplete in Angular plain and simple sucks, you'd think it'd be easy, given some websites collecting already made modules / directives and the easy nature of adding stuff to Angular, ha! No. Previously I had the impression I beat MAL to add more information in their sidebars when they included Premiered and Broadcast information as I have sort of but that's probably wishful thinking. ...But there were some suspicious hits from Shibuya prior to the inclusion and I usually don't get any Japanese visitors *puts tin foil hat down*. Anyway, this made some changes neccessary on the local JSON data and its handling, you shouldn't see a difference. If you do, though, reset the cache data in About once.
    4. Youtube embedding was made smaller for small screens, to avoid having a way too big player.
    Miscellanious Miscelio... Misc update
    1. The Charts tabs got a little checkbox on the top right to use a (within that list) global min/max for the charts y-axis. That means that each chart uses the same scale. Using the same scale leads to a relative similar graph for every anime, flattening each magnitude, but many people like to see that, too. Personally, I think those people are simply looking for comparison of anime and misunderstand that A/R focuses on the progression of each anime alone which is much more interesting. There's a severe trade-off between comparison and detail here. But it doesn't hurt to at least offer this option, where it doesn't get in the way, so to speak. Using an anime specific (local) min/max for the scale, as it is the default when you click on a Charts tab, shows you the progression in much more detail, since most ratings change by a rather small fraction from week to week. This can get lost with bigger scales, making the graph look flatter the more numbers are on the scale. Now, to support a global min/max and to counter the big scale issue, the initial rating before airing is cut off if it's not within the min/max range (you can pan the graph in those tabs to the left, to see the initial rating, it's "hidden" by default and only visible if there are 1-2 ratings available). In rare instances, for example Hajime no Ippo: Rising, that scale is wrongly displayed for that anime, I am aware of that but that is one of those trade-offs and seems like a flotcharts specific issue I can't do anything to prevent it.
    2. Changed the default color from orange to a green in the Charts tabs. Easier on the eye and more precise looking, orange kinda looks blurry in comparison, perhaps due to the chart background.
    3. The search box in All Anime got put below the header and made bigger. It felt tedious using the tiny thing where it was before. Also makes it somewhat more prominent.
    4. The search in All Anime now searches for MAL ids also. Kind of weird that the navbar search was capable of doing so but not the extensive search. The nice twist, though, is that the All Anime search looks for similarity, typing in at least 3 numbers will return any matching anime, for example 136 will return 4 different anime.
    5. The form inputs in Contact are set to input-lg. Looks better in comparison to the site wide font-size.
    6. Removed the website version, doesn't really make a lot of sense anymore. Now that it matured as much as it did.
    7. Changed the update process to have a warning sent to me, whenever an anime has a delayed episode. But only testable at the end of this season if there are delayed episodes, so we'll see if and how it works. For now experimental and may break other update processes.
    8. HTTPS support. I don't have my own certificate, though and you've got to trust it manually in your browser first, but Uberspace offers a wildcard certificate by default (and without additional costs <3) and it doesn't hurt. Especially if it is this easy to use. The anime covers are still served with HTTP since MAL doesn't have/support HTTPS. If you encounter display issues then it's an issue on your site. Kaspersky for example will not trust the certificate in Chrome and block all resources but will leave Firefox alone.
    9. Bugfix: The button in Archive to change the season now works as a dropdown toggle, too. As it should have been all along but I myself click always on the caret button next to it.
    10. Bugfix: When you clicked on a page that is displayed at the bottom, the menu wasn't unhighlighted and the document title wasn't changed. Whoopsi.
    Maintenance update
    1. Bugfix: Next updates had a rounding issue, displaying 0.009999998 instead of 0.01
    2. Bugfix: Automatic updates missed to correctly create the recent changes table
    3. Bugfix: Missing condition for checking existence of rating distribution for new anime, broke the site
    Maintenance update
    1. Addition of a rating column to All Anime and a new search for ratings. The rating is not the most recent here, it could be up to 3 days old for currently airing anime. This is a technical limitation but with more not airing anime this shouldn't be too much of an issue.
    2. Addition for AND/OR searches in All Anime, making it a somewhat powerful search function (also, perhaps buggy).
    3. A hash within the URL to All Anime is inserted as search, a #season:summer 2015 will immediately* show all summer 2015 anime. *after initialisation of the page
    4. That hash is now also used for the PG-Rating and producers on an anime page. It's a shortcut to see all anime by a certain producer or with a specific PG-Rating.
    5. Index site has arrows, showing a negative/positive change in rating since last update, for this the way those recent changes are loaded/created were changed.
    6. Since it's very easy to change things now, I am currently reading up on usability and made some minor tweaks here and there:
      • "Quicksearch" renamed to "Search" (yes, it was explicitly mentioned to not use "Quick"search)
      • The search is autofocus'd now upon visit
      • On updating a cover for an anime, a wait cursor is displayed over the placeholder cover, giving the user some visible feedback
      • Version moved from navbar into the footer to make place
      • Added a tagline to shortly describe what this site is about
      • Renamed "Anime A to Z" to a simple "All Anime"
    Mainly maintenance update, fixing some visual issues from 2.0β and mostly finishing loose ends that didn't timely get into the beta release.
    1. Fixed serverside caching issues, leading to incorrect recent changes.
    2. Addition of CookieConsent, informing you that this website uses cookies, like pretty much any website but EU laws kind of demand this.
    3. Since the lists support paging now, the limit for displayed toprated anime was increased and doubled, but to soften the impact on chart processing only the top 42-50 are displayed. Depending on the respective list and available data, it's either the first 42 toprated, rating ASC; or 50 for currently airing, title ASC; current season has no such limit, the amount of anime is typically always roughly around 40-50, same for archive apparently.
    4. A fully working history API. Previously, I had or rather wanted to make my own, what worked surprisingly well after some issues at the beginning but it had some pitfalls here and there making improvements very hard. Now Angular has to care about that.
    5. The quick search is now able to display the season as well as anime names and genres.
    6. Added a rudimentary Seasonal Statistics view on the archive, among others it does display the distribution of the overall rating for anime within that season. Whereas that distribution considers all anime that started in the season, not anime of previous seasons still running, to make comparison between seasons easier and more significant. Since A/R Stats collects the distribution on a weekly basis it'd be odd to count all of them, so only the last valid rating distribution(=last rating in a season) of an anime is used, all others are ignored, ie. if the anime airs into the next season. Simple reason as to why: The distribution from week 1 is older and obsolete to that of week 2 for an anime. As well as A/R Stats collects the rating for the very last episode often one week into the following season; one week after the last episode aired, that's technically not the same season anymore.
    7. Reworked the chart view. You were able to switch from list view to a chart view on some lists, this version has it on all lists. Since it is used with Bootstrap tabs, the charts are only loaded/created when you click the respective Charts tab and for now there's no lazyload of the charts as it was before. Meaning: lagging, depending on your machine/device's capabilities. This is due to a technical limitation with tabs, each tab that is not active(=selected) is hidden. When an element is hidden its width is 0 or null and Flot demands dimensions for the charts or throws tantrums errors but as long as you don't click that tab that width is unknown. This can be prevented by setting the width manually to a dummy value but then the x axis are all empty, a drawback I am not willing to accept. It's similar for the seasonal Statistics on the archive. As long as there's no lazyload the tabs for a chart view are hidden on small devices (Bootstrap xs small, not sm small, though).
    8. Genre list as well as the Archive got a chart view. That was too difficult to achieve on previous versions for these two.
    9. The A to Z subpage was completely rebuild and got a built-in search. Instead of endlessly scrolling/paging use the input on the top right. There are some keywords supported as well, for a quicker and better search: genre:[string1[,string2]], season:[string], eps:[number], producer:[producer1[,producer2]], usk:[pg rating], duration:[number] So, for example typing in "genre:ecchi, Martial Arts" (without quotes) will filter only the anime with these genres specified (either one), typing in eps:13 will list only anime with 13 episodes. As you may remember I used the term "usk" before as well but may be wondering what it means, it is the German name for PG rating. Since PG "rating" and rating of an anime gets confusing if you are working on the logic behind the curtain I started to use usk internally and later externally to distinguish the meaning of these two. Meaning: typing in usk:nudity will list all anime with a PG rating of "R+ - mild nudity". The search does check for similarity, not exact matches of your search term ("sil" matches "silver"), unless it's a number for duration/eps of course. Since this is a rather straining feature you should not (over)use it on mobile phones, paging may (or may not) prevent too horrible results if you do anyway and a search for text must be at least 3 characters long to work.
    10. Links are more SEO-friendly. SEO may have a certain negative connotation due to spam but it means that URLs are more readable (in this context). Another nice effect: you can access a certain season in the archive directly now with a URL like "(...)/anime/archive/Summer 2015" or the genre like "(...)/genre/Drama" or the anime "(...)/anime/show/Show By Rock!!". Although, you should keep in mind that only official titles are most likely to work in this context, i.e. Gintama won't, because the title is actually Gintama° and Gintama not an "official" synonym, some synonyms are supported but not all. In case you encounter difficulties with a title use its MAL id instead of the title, those still work ("(...)/anime/show/1234"). Reason for this is simply the sheer amount of possible synonyms and special characters anime titles tend to have, an / creates some issues using Apache, for example as it turns out and some other special characters may lead to an unclear encoding/decoding scenario that's only known when it happens. Perhaps a "Did you mean?" feature will be added later on when the resolve of an URI fails due to the afore-mentioned.
    11. The slider is gone. It was nice to look at but it led to a lot of 0 dimensions issues with the graphcreation, so it got itself removed for now.
    12. The side navbar is gone entirely. I liked it but with the list views the width is better used with a navbar at the top.
    13. Changed several serverside things, like how updates of anime are done, some DB changes, etc.
    14. Fixed tons of minor stuff, like typos, minor bugs and similar oversights in the process.
    15. Implementing of Angular.js, simplifying a lot. That makes me able to focus on more important stuff to add and renders inclusion of things like DataTables unnecessary.
    16. Previously, in version 1.8, Bootstrap was implemented with a lazy usage, this version is a recode with Bootstrap in mind.
    Milestone release. Third biggest update, unifying the style for mobile/desktop, recode with Bootstrap/Angular.js. Introducing new features. Version jump.
    1. Bugfix: Sorting by Rank/Popularity in some lists was buggy, it was comparing by string, not number.
    2. Bugfix: Accessing an anime with only the last fetched data (so no progression data) displayed an empty side. Searching for the anime in the search didn't do anything.
    3. Bugfix: This one was server side, but MAL changed the way genres are embedded on their site, that messed around with an update of the anime on here.
    Maintenance update that was never publicly displayed as such (since it collided with the works on version 2).
    1. Maintenance update changing some server side things.
    Simple maintenance update changing some server side things.
    1. Inserted the correct CSS for the "There\'s no data available yet" display and with that enlarged the YT player.
    2. Bugfix: When not enough data is available for new anime, the slider screwed completely up. Those anime are always empty now to avoid that (with <3 ratings available, that is before airing and first episode stats only, you won't miss anything important here).
    This is a minor update, with a "crucial" bugfix for the slider.
    1. Database change: Re-added the internal distinguishing of the airing type of an anime, at least that is what I call it. In a much earlier version I had thought about anime not airing only weekly but daily or monthly and added a database ID representing it for its updates but as it turned out I never came across an anime running not weekly so I removed it. Incidentally, since I regularly add short running anime (<8mins) I came across at least on that is still set to be weekly but actually airs daily. Unfortunately I can't find it anymore now that this issue could be addressed. Hm. >_>
    2. Changed the JavaScript core a bit and separated the functions into groups, this makes it easier to improve it later on. But that was tedious and I have no doubt that I mistyped something in the process, screwing something up.
    3. You've probably never seen it, but there was once a dialog showing you an error in case some data couldn't be loaded from the server. It was ugly but serving its purpose (at least when developing). That one was replaced with a simple bootstrap alert box. Looks pretty now.
    4. The dialog for Youtube previews will change the size of the embedded Player when the dialog itself is resized, so that the player is almost the full height/width of the dialog itself.
    5. In the last versions the autocomplete search width had no limit and it looked pretty terrible spanning over a great portion of the website. This is now limited to the sidebar width. The navbar search width, however, is not limited, that can still be as large as necessary.
    6. Reworked the way onpopstate and onpushstate are used. This allows for a more consistent experience. Additionally, it means I was finally in the mood tackling the Known Bugs (usually Bugs are fixed as soon as they are discovered and never land on there unless they are hard to fix), where functionality got lost in some cases using back/forward in your browser. Not anymore.
    7. Made the changelog collapsible. This was bound to happen at some point and since Bootstrap is available, it's very easy to achieve, although I kinda abuse the footer a bit for now.
    8. Added some more server side caching to speed up the slider on the recent updates.
    9. Added a slider to the recent updates for screen resolutions of 1500x750 or above. Apparently this needs some buildup time. I generally favor best speed for the first display of data upon accessing a website. In this case I do accept a slightly slower (much less than one second) buildup, though. Assuming loading the JSON files is fast enough or they're cached already. 1s doesn't sound much but it really is in these cases. However, the most time consuming process is the chart creation. Even though Flotcharts is constantly among the fastest chart libraries and I haven't particularly seen the opposite by using it. But different needs, different results. Here I came across some odd circumstances, though. Circumstances I'd like to elaborate on. As you can see I use no dates in the slider on the x-axis. As it happens, there are roughly ~350 episodes in total that need to be inserted into the 20 charts for the slider upon website access on the time of creating the slider on my end. That is a lot but not the maximum of episodes possible. Each episode has a timestamp, the time the data was collected apparently. I am currently using Waterfox, a Firefox 64Bit offspring and generally somewhat faster than FF and I end up with much more than >3000ms of creation for the charts alone, blocking any display of the data, while Chrome was bored with <50ms - on average! That is a huuuge discrepancy and a really odd one. The culprit is the timestamp conversion within Flotcharts I previously used. When you set the xaxis to interprete the data as dates(=timestamps) it takes way too long on Firefox/Waterfox while Chrome has no issues whatsoever, although the 50ms are under strictly controlled circumstances and after some testing and changing code I never got back to those 50ms, but they were reproducable at that time, even with hard refreshs, server restart and so on. If you use normal integers for the xaxis, the time is in both browsers at ~600ms. I can't quite put my finger on the reason. I assume internally Flotcharts returns strings for the axis no matter the input, just as the custom function tickFormatter suggests. Using integer and say Flotcharts they are timestamps, Chrome is again faster than 600ms (slightly, though), while Waterfox needs more than double the time as before. This raises suspicions. Within Flotcharts the conversion of dates in Chrome is incredibely fast and painfully slow in Firefox and the usage of integers on the xaxis is slower in Chrome than dates! While again in WF/FF it is significantly slower. For the heck of it I added xaxis: { tickFormatter: function formatter(val, axis) { return new Date(val); } } to the options to deal with the timestamps myself and voila, the time in both browsers is again around 600ms, whereas Chrome is still slightly faster (the JS VM is simply more efficient). The date strings are of course overlapping but this odd behaviour seems to be an issue within Flotcharts and how it handles timestamps in different browsers. Very interesting and probably worth looking further into separately. For now it adds up to around 600ms for all the Javascript. That's okay but under close observation, you can see it yourself when activating the developer console (Chrome), Firebug (FF) or alike and access the index, it shows something like Table: 121, Tooltip attachment: 36, Chart creation: 392.
    10. Bootstrap impemented. It's not a recode of the whole website, rather a lazy usage of the Bootstrap tools where useful.
    11. Bugfix: YT previews that started to play weren't stopped when the dialog was closed. So the sound was still running and there was no means to stop it but with a reload.
    12. Bugfix: Resolved all Known Bugs and replaced it with a single new one (reverse Hydra?). But fixed that one a few days later, too.
    13. Bugfix: When accessing the topical (current season) anime directly, the menu item wasn't highlighted.
    14. Bugfix: although not really a bug, but in case you update a cover, the localStorage wasn't updated with the new cover, so you had to click the update again to see it after a reload. Oops.
    Second bigger update this year and the second biggest so far as it seems; Bootstrap inclusion for better mobile scaling, minor tweaks/adjustments among other changes and additions.
    1. Some speed improvements on the server side, including fancy caching options that I couldn't do on the old webhoster. Website itself won't feel that much more speedy as it is delivered pretty fast since ages already but requests resolve much faster (usually and on average). The core JavaScript is now Closure compiled, increasing the local speed immensely. A wonder nothing broke with that but I stay positive being able to break something with it at some point.
    2. The Rating column has a popup on mousehover now with an absolute and percentage display of user scores. This will help understanding how many people are responsible for the score directly. But keep in mind for finished anime that score is the data from last time the data was fetched, one week after the last episode that is. For the calculation the amount of dropped, watching and for finished anime completed are considered. Most users still rate anime when they've finished it, so "on hold" is not considered in this context and is in most cases so small that it isn't as important as dropped.
    3. In case a cover is deleted on the MAL servers, you'll see an image informing you to update that cover for the anime.
    4. Replaced the icons on the top left on the lists. In the same context used TinyPNG to decrease the size of all used images. Even if the images were small already, TinyPNG decreased it even more significantly, surprising to say the least. And worth an explicit mention here.
    5. localStorage usage tweaked. A/R uses localStorage, an HTML5 feature of modern browsers to cache statistic data and stuff. This data is saved upon leaving the website (or simple reload). When you use tabbing and have multiple anime statistics open and browse around in those tabs independently from each other that cached data was overwritten from the last closed tab and its data. That is still possible under certain circumstances but shouldn't be the case anymore in most cases as it was before.
    6. Hover over a list (except last updates) will color it now. Easier to read.
    7. When sorting a list by Rank/Popularity "#0"s are always at the bottom from now on, makes more sense.
    8. Style adjustments for some fonts that were too small, better scaling of the embedded player and similar.
    9. Bugfix: When you use your back/forward buttons and you land on the index page with the recent updates, it was blank.
    10. Bugfix: Archive JSON files weren't created automatically when they were supposed to. (It was done manually before)
    First bigger update for this year. Mainly speed improvements and style adjustments but a few little features added and things tweaked, too.
    1. Added an embedded Youtube Player for upcoming anime, displaying previews (if there are any on YT, otherwise it will display anything "relevant" to the search query).
    2. Added a "mechanism" to distinguish cached data with data from previous versions to prevent missing data or overwriting new default data.
    3. Minor style tweaks.
    This is another minor update.
    1. Added genres to search results. Indicated by an obvious "Genre:" prepended to it (so people start using genres >_>).
    2. When displaying charts instead of lists in TopRated, Airing and Topical, it will leave out the data point for before airing. The usual charts do this already, but I missed to change it here, too.
    3. Some minor data related tweaks and changes.
    This is a minor update with a few tweaks.
    1. First and foremost, changed domainname from *.de to *.net, including change in hosters. The old one does still exist, but runs out in a few months and due to reasons I don't wish to extend my business with the previous hoster nor try to keep the .de domain as I fear it'd lead to downtime, hilarious costs, annoyances for me and a lot of explaining what the former hoster needs to do (as the domain is tied to the booked webspace). You shouldn't notice any changes except .net instead of .de.
    2. Added a YouTube button below the charts to see previews or trailers of an anime. Occasionally, especially for rather unpopular anime, it might happen that you find something else than the requested anime. Since this is an automated process, I have no influence on it.
    3. Previously, it happened that users cached the data too long for different reasons. The way that data was loaded was rather buggy and ignored conditions to reload up-to-date data. I don't want to promise anything but this behaviour was simplified a lot and should in doubt always load the data from the server again.
    4. When the server is busy and you see the loading picture and change the subpage by clicking on the menu, the loading picture never disappeared. This shouldn't happen anymore.
    5. Checkboxes below the charts are gone. Replaced with sort of buttons. They don't scale as crappy as checkboxes on lower resolution with the tickbox on line 1 and the label on line 2. Ugh. The active ones are by default Rating, Watching and Dropped now. The order of the rest was re-arranged depending on their use. Previously, older anime where I didn't collect Dropped, Watching etc. were displayed with Favourites and Userscores instead of Watching and Dropped, since more anime than not have the latter, the default was changed. Additionally, A/R will try to remember your choice here for any other anime you look at.
    6. Bugfix: Clicking on the Colorblind? button below a chart repeatedly set some event handlers, creating some weird behaviour of the displayed colors.
    Changed core mechanics and domain.
    1. Added alternative colors for color blind people. These aren't alternatives if you have no such impairment and they may seem odd color choices to you.
    2. Replaced the table element with divs for the information displayed below the chart of an anime. It should scale much better now on lower resolution or window sizes. Table scrambles the data in such cases as it tries to display all columns in one row. Divs just appear below each other in those cases but it leads to a slightly left shifted information on higher resolutions, gonna tweak it in a future update.
    3. Added a more stylish favicon. Looks like an A/R and that seems to be a useable short form.
    4. Some database changes to easily display recent data in the list like rank, popularity and similar.Added those and unified the display, so it is always the same order (except archive).
    5. Several styling changes, mainly for a better readability and unifying header size, increasing image sizes and similar.
    6. Bugfix: when clicking the header of a list it should sort ascending first. It was descending instead (-1 or 1, I always mix 'em up).
    7. Added a Privacy Policy. May or may not be especially necessary in the future.
    Mainly style adjustments, fixes and improvements.
    1. Fixed a redirection bug and added another redirection when entering unknown data.
    2. Several internal feature bug fixes.
    3. "Removed" the calendar - either for now or forever. We'll see. The code responsible for this feature was thoroughly redesigned three times but somehow it always ends up messing up something, gnah.
    Several bugfixes.
    1. Fixed two ugly redirection bugs.
    1. There are fancy little tooltips when you hover over anime now. Planned this for later, but some core changes on the database lead to this falling into places. Please be aware, I won't add the synopsis for those, they are prone to spoilers and misrepresentations on MAL. Tipp: If you want to reach an anime page on MAL directly from a list, you can now just mousehover over one and click the "Image by" link! Hint: Licensing producers have an asterisk (*) behind their name. Keep in mind: The displayed data is fetched weekly with the episodes from MAL, they change then when necessary. For new anime (and rarely some old long-running anime) that data can display "Unknown" or have the duration not displayed, this is normal, desired behaviour.
    2. Listing anime by genre works now, too. Yes, isn't this great? Ohh, this euphoria! \o/ Please be aware, I am reluctant to add the same feature for producers, for several reasons. I see why you'd want that but I don't think it is as useful as genre. It's normal behaviour, if you click a genre and the tooltip doesn't disappear after displaying the new genre list. In rare cases it might happen that it won't disappear at all automatically, in those cases use the x on the top right. This can happen when you move around faster than the site builds up, if you're able to do so, the site's mostly quite speedy.
    3. The ugly table below the charts is gone. Yes, gone. Finally! I replaced it with a much smaller version that looks better but still resembles the same style from before. Did you know, the old table was a part of the very, very first draft of this website? Crazy, right? This website exists at least since summer 2012, well at least the prototype did. Fall was the first season fetched as you might know. Considering the prototype was hacked on just one weekend for fun... I never liked the old table but was never able to come up with something better and it's not like it was completely useless. But removing it reduced the core JavaScript quite much, nice side effect.
    4. Some of the changes to the core were necessary to add anime that this site didn't have from the season start. As you should know, I don't add anime when they are already airing for 2 episodes. With the changes it'll be possible to add those forgotten anime to the archive with data one week after they finished, just like normal. At least something, right? This means: If you come across a list where such an anime is displayed within and you click it, you will not see the usual chart, there'd be not enough data apparently. Instead, you'll get redirected to the archive list with said anime and its season it aired in. So you can still compare it rating wise with other anime of the same season (or same genre).
    5. Some minor things: One other little bug, some syntax errors in HTML were removed as well as improving some other code and updating qtip2, that I use for the tooltips. With the latter the little tooltip when hovering over the pie chart is white now instead of black, for the axes they are still black, though. Not because of the update, I changed it consciously.
    6. A major bugfix in Anime A to Z. If you accessed that subpage directly, JavaScript threw an error, resulting in displaying just a white page until you reloaded the site. Sadly, I never found that one and no one told me this ludicrous bug. :'(
    7. Calendar won't update automatically anymore (not that I am sure it actually did). I plan on either letting it die out or update it manually every few weeks. Even the improved version became a huge pain and I am officially sick of it, it starts to mess with parts of the website where it doesn't belong to.
    8. You really read until down here? Well, not that I think anyone would but don't expect each update to be so eloquently presented. This is just a maaajor update, I am overly tired after literally programming the third night in a row through and full of this great euphoria you experience when programming much stuff that works entirely as intended.
    This is one of the biggest updates this site got so far, although most of the work was done in the background adding and changing features but they end up making everything much more interactive.
    1. Select list replaced with Anime A to Z due to styling restrains for the former HTML element.
    2. Usage of localStorage. Increasing page load speed up to 13%, downsizing average page size by ~15%.
    3. A more responsive and clearer design that is to some extent useable on mobile phones (I'd advice against it, though, it looks better on bigger resolution)
    4. Loosing of the experimental status that it had previously.
    Milestone release, redesign.