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Help - supported queries

  • Queries are case-insensitive, SEARCH is the same as search
  • Queries match partially, if you search for sil it will deliver all words where sil matches on,
  • Conditions for genre, studio, etc. are split on comma (,), meaning if you look for a producer which has a comma in its name, the search would split the query into two


Query: rating:[[<>]number], rating:>[number], rating:<[number]
Example: rating:<5.55, rating:5_, mrating:>5
Description: Displays all anime with a rating of less than 5.55,
or all ratings with a rating, that are within 5.00 - 5.99,
or anime with a MAL rating of higher than 5.00.
Potentially upcoming anime have a 0 rating by default and ratings are in "a.bc" format.
mrating, krating, arating describe rating from MAL, Kitsu, AL respectively. rating means any one of these.
Remember: Kitsu rating ("krating") goes from 1-5, while AL and MAL use a 1-10 scale.


Query: eps:[[<>]number], episodes:[[<>]number], eps:>[number], eps:<[number], episodes:>[number], episodes:<[number]
Example: episodes:>50
Description: Shows all anime with more episodes than 50. Between > and < there is no space allowed, <> means negation = "not number".
Long running anime with an unknown episode count (or not yet known) have internally 0 episodes, to search for them you'd simply search for eps:0, to exclude them eps:<>0.


Query: duration:[[<>]number], duration:>[number], duration:<[number]
Example: duration:<6, duration:>18
Description: Displays all anime with a runtime of less than 6 minutes. Usefull for short anime.
Or all anime with a runtime of over 18 minutes.
Keep in mind that for unknown runtimes the runtime is 0 and <20 would include those as well.
<> is negation and means NOT.


Query: season:[<>]string
Example: season:Winter 2014
Description: Gives you all anime that were starting in the season Winter 2014.
Anime may run longer than one season and aren't displayed in all the seasons they aired in but only the season they started in.


Query: genre:[string[,string2]], genre:[<>]string
Example: genre:ecchi,shounen
Description: Displays all anime with both of these two genres. If you want to find anime that have one of several genres, use OR.
Negation only works with one genre at a time due to the way the search concatenates queries, to exclude more than one genre use AND.


Query: producer|licensor|studio|company:[string1[,string2]], producer|licensor|studio|company:[<>]string
Example: producer:Toei, studio:Aniplex
Description: Displays all anime where producers have Toei in their name,
or each studio with Aniplex in its name.
Using company will look into any of the other three.


Query: usk:[[<>]string]
Example: usk:children
Description: Displays all anime with a PG-Rating of PG - Children.


Query: a AND b OR c
Example: season:summer AND genre:Ecchi,Action AND rating:>8, season:summer OR season:fall 2014
Description: Displays all anime that aired in a summer season, have either Ecchi or Action as genre and a rating of more than 8,
or anime from either a summer season or from Fall 2014.
Important: OR takes precedence over AND. Queries will be split on OR, then each part with AND will be interpreted.